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As the second largest community in the greater Oshkosh area, Algoma is uniquely situated for substantial community and business growth. With a Town population of 7,010 (2016 ACS), Algoma is a successful and growing residential community with growing parkland, strong roads, stable government and unlimited potential. Looking for a place to work, live and play? The Town of Algoma is perfect for you.


The Town of Algoma is ideally located along the STH-21 corridor in the greater Oshkosh area. Algoma is bounded by I-41 and the City of Oshkosh to the east, Lake Butte Des Morts to the north and the Town’s of Omro and Nekimi to the west and south respectively. Algoma’s municipal borders encompass 9.52 square miles (6,091 acres) of land and has substantial business and commercial growth opportunities along heavily used recreation and transportation corridors.


The Town of Algoma is home to some of the highest quality residential neighborhoods in all of  East Central Wisconsin. The Town excels in providing executive style residences and has a growing recreational and park inventory. Thanks to its close proximity to the City of Oshkosh, Algoma has experienced positive economic spill over and is on the cutting edge for resident and community input. Algoma is home to Oakwood Elementary School and the adjacent Sheldon Nature Area. With a premier school district, over 45 miles of safe roadways and strong exposure on I-41 and STH-21 Algoma is a prime location for growth.



Town Characteristics and Demographics

Population Demographics (Source: 2015 ACS)

Retail MarketPlace Profile (Source: 2017 ESRI)

Having a strong demand for commercial and business demand is key to strong growth. The Town of Algoma relies very strongly on outside communities to provide most basic and discretionary services. This lack of internal businesses is a strong selling point for prospective business thanks to the strong income and housing characteristics of the Town of Algoma. The Town’s Comprehensive Plan has designated the STH-21 corridor and the immediate area surrounding the STH-21 and Leonard Point Road intersection as priority growth areas. The below graphic represents the population characteristics of the density rings. A 2017 Retail MarketPlace Profile was produced. The summary of results is available below:

Retail MarketPlace Profile

Resources and Partners

The Town has a proven track record of strong public-private relationships that have been vital to build a strong, vibrant, and sustainable community. The Town’s relationship with the local economic development organizations helps ensure that businesses seeking a location within the town have all the tools and resources necessary to be successful. Algoma’s low tax rate, safe communities, high quality of life, and a wide variety of amenities make it a desirable location for all generations and businesses. The Town, along with its many partners, are committed to quality economic and residential development is looking to grow forward thinking development opportunities.

Partner Links and Resources

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