Future Omro Road

Future Omro Road

~ 2021 ~

Proposed Reconstruction Effort


The Town of Algoma is committed to providing safe and user friendly roadways for all users. While maintenance efforts including overlays and ditching extend the life of a road, however every road reaches a point where maintenance is no longer feasible or cost effective and some level reconstruction is necessary. Omro Road has reached the point where a new driving surface, improved stormwater management and pedestrian-friendly accommodations are needed. These critical improvements are outlined in the town’s Comprehensive Plan and were also noted in multiple community surveys.

The primary focus includes:

Driving and Commuting – As one of four major commuting routes, Omro Road needs to provide a safe and manageable driving surface. the former state highway is a concrete roadway with several layers of asphalt overlays. Ongoing maintenance efforts are no longer a cost effective option. The concrete is at least 75 years old and is the main reason for the rough driving surface.

Improvement – Removing and replacing the driving surface and shoulders will provide a long term solution to the deteriorating roadway condition.


Stormwater Improvements – Current Practice for stormwater management in the Town include ditches, minor drain tile and limited stormwater mains. As a primary corridor Omro Road has a fair amount of storm main that will need enhancement and extension. Substantial improvements to roadway runoff are needed in order to properly drain storm events. Additionally, the corridor provides access to multiple neighborhoods that need improved drainage.

Improvement –  Improvements to Omro Road could include storm main extension, sump pump laterals and adjacent ponds. These improvements will help keep the area safer during major rain events.


Access Control – Intersection safety and access to private driveways are in need of improvement. Current intersection issues include  limited site lines, lack of consistent lighting, failing shoulders and outdated roadway design. Due to steep ditches and limited site lines many driveways are also in need of updates.

Improvement – Intersection improvements will include a wider turning radius, improved site lines, and proper intersection lighting. Potential driveway enhancements could include replacement or installation of new apron material, proper grading and consistent installation style.


Bicycle and Pedestrian Accommodations – Omro Road has no substantive bicycle or walking accommodations. Community members that wish to walk or bike along Omro Road must choose to use the driving lane shared with vehicles or the 3-4 paved shoulder. Walking and bicycling is further hampered by steep shoulders and no separation from vehicles.

Improvement – In order to create a safe roadway for all users the Town needs to invest in a new type of road. Improved shoulders for bicyclers and designated side trails or sidewalks will allow all users to safely enjoy the road. Potential enhancements to pedestrian accommodations may include a shared use path on one side, sidewalks or a combination of both. Community input and design constraints will help dictate future improvements.




Discussion moving around and towards a new Omro Road have circled for many years. In 2017 the Town applied and was awarded a grant through Wisconsin Department of Transportation. This $2.5 million grant provides substantial funding where 50% of the roadway is paid for without impacting local tax levy. The remaining project cost will need to be budgeted by the Town of Algoma. Total project cost will likely fall around $5.5 million. Town Board selected McMahon Associates to design the reconstruction effort. McMahon is responsible for providing a community oriented design where all resident concerns, local ordinances and state regulations are followed.


Project Timeline: 

October, 2017: Design contract awarded to McMahon Associates

November, 2017-May, 2018: Technical work, site survey, preliminary mock up of existing

March, 2019: Public involvement (open house at Town Hall)

March, 2020: Public involvement on final renderings (location tbd), property acquisition (if necessary)

November, 2019-October, 2020: Intent to construct notifications, preliminary site and storm improvements

November, 2020: Final plan approval and RFP submission for work

May, 2021: Projected start date for segmented reconstruction

October, 2021: Projected completion of Omro Road improvement project.


A Complete Draft Concept is being completed and will be provided in the Spring 2020.

Scheduled Meetings To Date

March 12, 2019: First Public Information Workshop.


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