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Garbage and Recycling Notes

December 17, 2021

Harter’s is collecting garbage and recycling on Thursdays and Fridays. The 2022 calendar (PDF) with pick-up information is available at the Town Hall or on the Town’s website.

PLEASE do not put out your garbage and recycling totes days in advance of pick-up. According to Town Ordinances 328-24 and 328-25, totes are not to be be put out before 4:00 pm. of the day proceeding pickup and must be returned to their storage within 12 hours of pickup. Storage of totes is to be inside the garage, or behind or on the side of the house in such a location that they are not visible from the street.

Please remember to break down your recycling materials, so everything fits inside the tote and the lid can be fully closed. It is also important not to put recycling materials in plastic bags because they get caught in the recycling equipment. However, all garbage is to be placed in a bag or container and the lid can be closed completely.

Harter’s has asked that residents contact them directly regarding any issues with garbage or recycling collection. The company’s call center staff will then alert the appropriate driver of the issue, so it can be addressed as soon as possible. Harter’s business phone numbers are 715-446-5400 or 888-804-8556 or email