Dog Licensing



Pursuant to Sec. 95.21(2) Wisconsin Statutes, a rabies vaccination is required for all dogs 5 months of age and revaccinated within one year after the initial vaccination. Thereafter the owner shall have the dog revaccinated before the date that the immunization expires as stated on the certificate of vaccination.

Pursuant to Sec. 174.05(1) The owner of a dog 5 months of age on January 1 of any year, or 5 months of age within the license year, shall annually pay a dog license tax and obtain a license.

In order to license your dog(s): Present a current vaccination certificate for each dog in your household.   A maximum limit of 3 dogs per household in areas zoned R-1,R-2, R-3,R-4, &R-5 except that a litter may be kept for not exceeding ten (10) weeks from birth.  Per ordinance 159 a conditional use permit from Winnebago County would be required for over 3 dogs per household.

Dog License tax amounts:
Neutered Male = $10.00   Un-neutered Male = $15.00

Spayed Female = $10.00    Un-spayed Female = $15.00

Dogs 5 months old after July 1st = 1/2 tax.

Late Fee of $5.00 due if license not obtained prior to April 1st.