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Yard Maintenance Reminder

May 17, 2023

We are beginning to receive calls from residents concerned that their neighbors are not cutting and trimming their lawns. With this warmer and dryer weather, this is the opportune time to mow your lawn, rake out the ends of your driveway culverts, and trim the ditches. The high, thick grass in the ditches will keep them wet and pose a blockage issue during heavy rain events causing localized flooding. According to Town of Algoma Ordinance 130-2: The owner of every parcel of land within the Town to which this ordinance applies shall cut or cause to be cut all grasses prior to them exceeding eight (8) inches in height throughout the growing season. This includes dandelions, weeds, vegetative growth and noxious weeds as defined in § 66.0407, Wis. Stats. Algoma does not have a Department of Public Works, so the Town relies on the property owners to maintain their ditches and drainage easements.

The next yard waste collection day is Monday, June 5th. Please remember to have your yard waste bags out by 6:00 am. on collection day or preferably the night before regardless of the weather. The Grounds Guys send out multiple crews to collect yard waste, and they will not come back if the bags were put out after 6:00 am. They need to complete pick-up of the entire Town with the last load delivered to the Winnebago County Solid Waste Facility by 3:00 pm. on the designated collection day.