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Clairville Road Utility Work

February 20, 2024

The Town has received several calls regarding the utility work being done on Clairville Road between 20th Street and State Road 91. This project is being completed by contractors hired by the City of Oshkosh. It is not a Town of Algoma project although it directly impacts Town residents living on that stretch of Clairville Road. According to city staff, this is about a twenty-week project that includes utility work, grading, and paving operations.  Once the utility and grading steps are completed, there will be one more short closure at the intersection of 20th and Clairville Road when the final paving is taking place later this summer.

The best way residents can keep up to date on this project is to sign up for the city’s weekly email updates. To do so, you can send an email to:  Additionally, residents can access the following website ( and look for Contract 23-16 and click the subscribe email button. In both cases, residents will need to send an email to the address. You will then receive a link that you will have to click on to be fully enrolled to receive weekly updates.