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Irvine Detention Pond

The Irvine Detention Pond, located at the SE corner of Omro Road and N. Oakwood Road, was finished in November 2022 after 20 months of construction. This detention pond encompasses approximately 3.5 acres. Its large size was necessary to capture storm water that originates within a 195 acre watershed that extends as far south as Scenic Lane. The purpose of the pond is to control the amount and flow of storm water, as well as filter contaminates that are carried in and by the storm water. The Irvine Pond was paid for by Federal  American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. This project is outlined in the Town’s 2018 Stormwater Management Plan.

The storm water the is filtered by the Irvine Pond travels north in the ditches on N. Oakwood Road and collects in the pond. During heavy rain events, any overflow of water not collected in the two ditch intakes, is collected in the storm sewer installed under Omro Road. The storm sewer system under the new roadway was sized large enough to collect the excess water and route it back in to the pond. The detention pond will help mitigate any flooding previously experienced further north on Oakwood Road by the bridge over Honey Creek. The water in the pond will be discharged through an intake on Owen Lane. The water will then travel east through the storm sewer system under Omro Road and be discharged via a pipe extending north from Omro Road east of Kewaunee Street.

To improve water quality, a variety of aquatic plants cover the base of the pond walls that will bloom throughout the growing season. The pond walls were planted with a native flower and grass mix that will also bloom throughout the growing season to provide food and cover for birds. The aquatic plants and prairie grass filter water within in the pond of debris, oil, etc. As a result, the water flowing out of the outfall on the east side of the pond is much cleaner than when it enters the pond. The trees will add shade and another source of cover for the birds.

The storm sewer system installed under Omro Road, the construction of the Irvine and Jones wet detention ponds, and the acquisition of the Sheppard Dry Detention Pond were necessary to help Algoma meet the storm water quality requirements under its MS4 permit that were established by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. As a MS4 permitted community, Algoma has established educational programs and is making these infrastructure investments to meet the water quality standards outlined in the permit. The permit was issued because all of the Town’s treated storm water eventually discharges in to Lake Butte des Morts, which is classified as an impaired water body by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

CSM of the Irvine Detention Pond (PDF)

Omro Road

The reconstruction of Omro Road is finished. If any issues should arise with the roadway, please contact Rich Heath, Town Administrator, at or 920-235-3789.


  • The installation of mailboxes is the responsibility of the property owner. Mailboxes are private property and under the jurisdiction of the United States Postal Service. A guide to reinstall mailboxes is on the Town’s website.
  • Garbage and recycling carts and yard waste bags are to be placed in the driveway or on the terrace on garbage day and not in the bike lane.
  • Please do not rake or dispose of yard waste or blow lawn clippings on to the roadway. The roadway will be swept a minimum of once per month to keep the roadway clean and to avoid plugging the stormwater inlets.
  • Please pick up pet waste and dispose of it properly.
  • Please do not block the sidewalk with cars parked in your driveway.
  • The planting of flowers, trees, and shrubs in terrace is prohibited.
  • Please contact the Town Hall before installing a fence or planting trees or shrubs on your property next to the sidewalk. We want to avoid obstruction of or damage to the sidewalk and the infrastructure located under or near the sidewalk and terrace.
  • There is no parking anytime on Omro Road.
  • The clearing of snow and ice from the sidewalk in front of your property is the responsibility of the property owner or resident.

New Honey Creek Rd Culvert

The two 72″ metal culverts were replaced with one large cement box culvert during the summer of 2021. The metal culverts were rusting and posed a safety issue. The culvert was replaced with a 50% matching grant from Winnebago County.

Jones Detention Pond

Construction of the pond was completed in August 2020. The plantings and landscaping was finished in September 2021. The pond area will be mowed and aquatic plants maintained on an annual basis through a contract with a private company. The completed detention pond encompasses approximately one acre. The approved Certify Survey Map (CSM) is provided below. The detention pond is necessary to treat stormwater that flows south from the Olde Apple Acres development. Stormwater is routed south through the Sheppard Dry Pond and drainage easement located between Sheppard Road and Charlie Anna Drive. Storm water continues to flow southeast to the large drainage easement on the east side of of Welsh Haven Drive. The storm water then flows either to the Jones Detention Pond or east to the Honey Creek Pond by way of the storm sewer installed under Omro Road. Treated water from Jones Pond will outfall to Honey Creek via the ditch on STH 21 and eventually flow into Honey Creek Pond. This project is outlined in the Town’s 2018 Stormwater Management Plan.

Jones Pond CSM-Sheet 1 (PDF)
Jones Pond Plan Set (PDF)
Jones Pond Concept Plan (PDF)