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As the Town of Algoma continues to add new residents and businesses, a coordinated and comprehensive development plan is instrumental to the long-term success and sustainability of the Town. The links below provide the most current information related to Town of Algoma Comprehensive Plan that includes the Town’s long term vision planning.

Town of Algoma Comprehensive Plan

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan Update approved by the Town Board in December 2020 is intended to direct the growth of the Town of Algoma for the next twenty years. The plan’s goals and objectives are to be reviewed on an an annual basis with a full update completed every ten years. This plan incorporated input from residents and property owners in the Town of Algoma. It serves as a blueprint for future development that is designed to help citizens, developers, and all other entities understand the future development goals for the Town of Algoma.

Town Comprehensive Plan (PDF)
Future Land Use Map (PDF)
Existing Land Use Map 2015

2017 Community Buy-in Survey

In a continuing effort to garner community support and understand current trends, the Town of Algoma conducted an identity and buy-in survey. This effort aided the Town in understanding current and future needs of the community and its residents. The results were also used in the Town’s rebranding efforts and outreach initiatives that took place in 2019 and continue into 2020.

2017 Brand Survey Research Summary and Recommendations (PDF)
2017 Brand Survey Research Appendix (PDF)

2015 Citizen Survey

A survey of citizens in Algoma was undertaken by the Public Policy Analysis class at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh in cooperation with the Town of Algoma. This report analyzes the results of the completed survey and provide a 2015 snapshot of current resident insights into growth goals, funding and taxes and community development.

2015 Citizen Survey (PDF)

Town of Algoma and City of Oshkosh Boundary Agreement

The Town of Algoma and the City of Oshkosh entered into a public partnership to coordinate future City of Oshkosh growth as well as protect portions of the Town of Algoma from uncontrolled annexations. This cooperative plan was completed in 2004.

Cooperative Plan Between the City of Oshkosh and Town of Algoma (PDF)
Cooperative Plan Attachment Zones Map (PDF)

Comprehensive Plan Updates

Public Involvement Steps

  1. Public Participation Plan (PDF)
  2. Westward Ho Vision Study – 2018 (PDF)
  3. Intergovernmental Cooperation Meeting, September 28, 2020
  4. Public Hearing December 9, 2020
  5. Town Board Adoption December 16, 2020

General Information

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