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Water and sewer meter reader

The Algoma Sanitary District #1 is responsible for all of the sewer and water services in the Town of Algoma. The district also installs the water and sewer mains to your home. For additional information, please contact the district’s office at (920) 426-0335 or visit their website at

Well Abandonment Cost Share Program (PDF)

Water Quality Resources

Town Commitment

The Town of Algoma realizes that Stormwater impacts the entire town. Drainage problem areas have been identified and comprehensive solutions are being sought for those locations. To assist in the management and mitigation of drainage problems, the town’s Code of Ordinances outline the following:

  • No person shall change the configuration of any ditch, swale or area designated for discharge of water.
  • No person shall plow, shovel, blow or place snow into any ditch or area designated for discharge of water.
  • No person shall place any mowed grass, brush, soil or debris into any ditch, swale or area designated for discharge of water.
  • No person shall add vegetation or solid material (landscaping) in any ditch, swale or are designated for discharge of water.

Stormwater Management Resources

The Town of Algoma is a member of the Northeast Wisconsin Stormwater Consortium (NEWSC). As a a permitted MS4 municipality, Algoma is required to do considerable community outreach and education to encourage residents to adopt good Stormwater management practices. NEWSC assists the Town in providing those types of resources through print materials, workshops, and newsletters. For more information, please visits the consortium’s website.