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The Town of Algoma welcomes new businesses to locate within the municipality. The Town’s focus is on attracting small retailers, commercial businesses, service providers, along with housing to accommodate all age groups. There are several parcels of land for sale throughout Algoma. Many of the parcels that are for sale are located along Omro Road and STH 21. In addition to several smaller properties, there are two larger parcels of land for sale in the Town of Algoma that offer opportunities for mixed-use development, including recreational, business, and housing. The links to these properties are below:

Omro Road Property (23 Acres)

N. Oakwood Road Property (27 acres)

Quarry on Leonard Point Road

This property remains for sale. For more information, please contact the Town of Algoma at 920-235-3789.

Retail MarketPlace Profile (Source: 2017 ESRI)

The Town of Algoma relies on neighboring communities to provide most of the basic services needed by Town residents. This local void in services is a strong selling point for prospective business wanting to located within the Town. The Town’s Comprehensive Plan has designated the STH-21 corridor and the immediate area surrounding the STH-21 and Leonard Point Road intersection as priority growth areas. The graphic below illustrates the number of individuals residing within certain areas within these priority development areas. A 2017 Retail MarketPlace Profile was produced for Algoma. A summary of the findings can be viewed below.

Retail MarketPlace Profile (PDF)

Town of Algoma map marketplace ring

Resources and Partners

The Town has a proven track record of strong public-private relationships that have been vital in building a strong, vibrant, and sustainable community. The Town’s relationship with the local and state economic development organizations helps ensure that businesses seeking a location within the Town have all the tools and resources necessary to be successful. Algoma’s low tax rate, safe neighborhoods, high quality of life, strong personal incomes, and a wide variety of existing amenities make it a desirable location for all generations, as well as retail and commercial businesses. The Town, along with its many partners, are committed to pursuing future quality economic and residential development opportunities to keep the Town growing in an organized and efficient manner.