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Leonard Point Road & Highway 21 Roundabout

Planning is underway for the construction of a 2-lane, 4-leg roundabout at Leonard Point Road and State Highway 21. This much anticipated project is scheduled to take place in 2027. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has hired engineers from Westwood Professional Services, Inc. to design the roundabout. The total project cost is $6.3 million and that includes redesign/regrading of STH 21 to the east and west of the roundabout, along with the roundabout itself. The State of Wisconsin paying 100% of the total cost to redesign STH 21 and 75% of the roundabout for a total of $5.53 million. The Town of Algoma is paying for 25% of the roundabout (the southbound leg), which is $775,000. The Town was able to secure a grant from Winnebago County through its Spirit Fund to cover half of its cost which equates to $387,500. The southbound leg is important to allow access to 300 acres of land south of the intersection that will be used for mixed-use development.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.

Leonard Point Road Reconstruction

The Town of Algoma has hired engineers from McMahon Associates to design a portion of Leonard Point Road that extends from State Highway 21 to Highland Shore Lane. This 1.3-mile, $5.6 million reconstruction project will take place in 2026. It has been over 20-years since any major repairs have been made to Leonard Point Road. With the increased amount of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, improvements are needed to address safety and function especially with the north end curves. This section of Leonard Point Road will have the same profile as Omro Road. The new road will consist of 11′ asphalt travel lanes, 5′ wide bike lanes on both sides, curb and gutter with storm sewer, 7′ wide terraces on and 5-foot sidewalks installed on both sides of the road. A regional pond is being proposed near the current curves to treat stormwater that is collected within the storm sewer system. Approximately 75% of the project cost, or $4.2 million is being paid for through the Federal Bipartisan Infrastructure Law that was passed in November of 2021. The remaining cost of $1.4 million will be paid by the Town through bonding.

Public Involvement Plan
Project Location Map
Project Schedule
April 4, 2024 Open House Notice

TIF District

The Town of Algoma is in the process of creating its first Tax Incremental Finance (TIF) District to promote development on the four vacant parcels on S. Oakwood Road and to facilitate the redevelop the current Town Hall parcels. The “Link” to Project Area Map is below. This area is a proposed in Need of Rehabilitation or Conservation District comprising of approximately eleven acres located along the Oakwood Road corridor. The District will be created to extend water service from the corner of Witzel Avenue and N. Oakwood Road south to facilitate the development of a medical facility by OSMS Real Estate. The District is also being created to assist with the long-term redevelopment of property owned by the Town of Algoma. There are no plans in place at this time of the District being created to redevelop sites owned by the Town, but the District does provide a financial tool to aid in the redevelopment of these sites in the future subject to the approval of the Town. The Draft Project Plan (“link” below) provides details on the projects, costs, and the projected increase in property tax generated by the OSMS facility.

The Joint Review Board is comprised of representatives from the four overlying taxing jurisdictions (Oshkosh Area School Districts, Fox Valley Technical College, Winnebago County, Town of Algoma) and one citizen member appointed by the Town of Algoma will be meeting on April 10, 2024 at 4:30 p.m. to review the Draft Project Plan. “Links” to the notice and agenda are provided below.

The Town of Algoma’s Planning Commission will be holding a Public Hearing on the creation of the Tax Incremental Finance District at 6:00 p.m. on April 10, 2024. The meeting agenda “link” is provided below.

Draft Project Plan-Tax Incremental Finance District No. 1 (Dated March 7, 2024)
Project Area Map
April 10, 2024 Public Hearing Notice
April 10, 2024 Joint Review Board Agenda
April 10, 2024 Planning Commission Agenda

Bellhaven Iron Enhanced Sand Filter Pond

The Bellhaven Iron Enhanced Sand Filter Pond is designed to treat stormwater before it reaches Lake Butte des Morts. Due a high-water table in this location, this pond concept was the most suitable option to treat stormwater in this area of the Town. Stormwater containing debris and chemicals will enter the filtration system and soak through the sand to an outfall pipe that will take the treated water out to the lake. The iron additive is important to remove any phosphorus, which is the primary cause for algae buildup in the lakes and streams. This area was identified in need of a treatment facility in the Town’s approved 2018 Stormwater Managment Plan. The plan addresses a variety of strategies, actions, and infrastructure projects to help meet its water quality permit requirements.

The project was approved by the staff from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and was put out for bid in March 2024. The Town’s engineer from McMahon Associates will be reviewing all bids received by the April 10th deadline. The Algoma Town Board will approve a contractor at its meeting on April 17th. The construction of the sand filter and the outfall pipe installed west through the Bellhaven Lane cul-du-sac will take place during the summer of 2024 with expected completion by October 2024. The rim of the pond will be planted with a native prairie seed mix in 2025 to improve the pond’s aesthetics and to attract birds and insects to the area. Algoma received a $150,000 grant from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to pay for approximately half of the costs with the Town’s remaining allocation of American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) funding available to cover the remaining portion of the project.

Project Location Map
Project Description
Outfall Location